Dragon Breath Ammo 410 Gauge


The .410 gauge is well known in the community amongst regular shotgun users as well as those who have experience with the unique Taurus Judge and Smith & Wesson Governor revolvers, which shoot a .410 shotgun shell and as well a 45-colt revolver round. We at Phoenix Rising have one of the most exotic .410 shotgun rounds available on the market, known as the .4-gauge Dragon’s Breath shotgun ammo. The Dragon’s Breath .410 shotgun shell incinerates and burns upwards of 5,000 degrees of heat on the target. The Dragon’s Breath ammo .410 gauge can reach out to over 150 yards, which is a very long distance in general for any round coming out of a shotgun. 


Although most modern firearms are categorized according to caliber, shotguns are classified according to gauge. The fundamental distinction between the two is that caliber describes a measurement while gauge denotes a weight. This practice dates back to the days when individuals purchased lead in bulk for use in manufacturing or crafting their own ammunition. One pound of lead may be used to manufacture so many bullets thanks to the gauge. If something is "20-gauge," that means 20 lead balls can be made using that particular tool. Narrower barrels have smaller gauge numbers. However, the .410 gauge is typically the smallest shotgun in common use today. Not a gauge at all, but rather a .410 caliber (although usually called gauge in the industry). The .41 in the name stands for the diameter of the barrel.


The .410 gauge is the most common shotgun caliber and the lightest used by most people today. The recoil is minimal, but the shot capacity of .410 shells is lower, making them less effective. Because of its thin patterns and resistance to impact, it is the most difficult to hit with. Many .410 firearms have complete choke barrels to focus the discharge. This generates more concentrated patterns, which are more useful up close. This greatly restricts the shotgun's potential applications. On top of that, even if I took my wife hunting with me, she wouldn't have a chance with a 12-gauge since it's too big.


Small, recoil-sensitive shooters who don't mind keeping their shots inside 25–30 yards on the small game will find the .410 to be an excellent choice. Even though .410 shotguns are rather common, they are often employed by either novices or veterans of the sport of shooting. The higher-cost .410 shotgun shells may be found easily and come in a variety of lengths (2 1/2 inches and 3 inches) and shot sizes and loads (from bird shots to slugs). We carry all forms of .410 gauge shotgun ammunition at Phoenix Rising in addition to our infamous and exotic Dragon’s Breath ammo. Check out our store now for other forms of .410 Gauge ammo such as our sledgehammer hollow point and terminator slug rounds!

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