The Best Dragon Breath Shells

Our Dragon’s Breath shells, or shotgun rounds, are one of the most popular types of ammunition sold on the market with very distinct features that are unrivaled by the competition! At Phoenix Rising, we have all of the major calibers of Dragon’s Breath ammo available to choose from. Whether you are shooting a 12 gauge slug, or buckshot round, or a 410 gauge round, we have a wide assortment of ammunition. The Dragon’s Breath shotgun shell ammo burns at an extremely rapid pace once it hits the target, which then causes the round to burn the target at over 5000 degrees Fahrenheit. 

The two most apparent choices for a defensive shotgun load are buckshot or slugs. There are many forms of buckshot and slug rounds offered in 12 Gauge shotguns. There are lethal and less lethal versions of ammunition on the market for civilian use. A rubber slug is the best option for less lethal force applications. A rubber slug would still cause enough damage to suppress an attacking assailant if one was to choose a less fatal choice. The use of self-defense is one of the main reasons shotgun calibers and ammunitions are extremely popular in the United States. 

Slugs or either 00 or 000 buckshot, however, are preferable options. These projectiles' bulk ensures penetration (which is why birdshot is ineffective except at essentially point-blank range) and the necessary damage to soft objects for effectiveness. But which is better? 

An excellent round for self-defense is a shotgun slug that many civilians use all around the United States as their primary ammo. Manufacturer-specific variations aside, slugs are typically either solid lead slugs or sabots—solid lead or jacketed bullets encased in plastic. Solid slugs also have wadding, which will likely hit an attacker from a distance when a home defense is not present.

Slugs usually weigh 1 ounce. The most typical type of slug is one that is rifled for use in a smooth barrel. Depending on what you purchase, some are hollow while others are solid lead. Sabot rounds, which are often jacketed soft points and are mostly employed in rifled shotguns for hunting,

In essence, it's a modern mini-ball with a gunpowder-filled shell. Now, there are a few reasons why slugs are a smart option for self-defense. They are heavy due to the fact that they are made of solid lead. They also distort after hitting a soft target due to the hydraulic pressure as they are often cast lead bullets rather than jacketed bullets, frequently breaking apart. The Super Dragon “Dragon’s Breath” ammunition is available in 2 ¾ shells, which makes it compatible with all commonly purchased 12 gauge shotguns on the market. The Super Dragon “Dragon’s Breath” ammunition in the form of a slug round can reach ranges up to and past 200 yards! 

Of course, you have to aim your shots correctly. To become proficient, you'll need to practice at the range, although it shouldn't be too tough at close range (within 20 yards, which is the average defensive shooting distance). Buckshot is, of course, the usual shotgun load for defense. Buckshot has been a weapon used by police and infantry for over a century. For use in the trenches, some WWI doughboys used Winchester 1897 shotguns, and in the Pacific regions of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, some Army and Marine troops carried weapons that were equipped with buckshot. The popular Super Dragon “Dragon’s Breath” ammunition also comes in the form of buckshot, which enables the round to spread throughout the travel until impact upon the target, also causing extremely high-temperature burn rates. Check out our store now for more Dragon's Breath products! 

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