The Best Guard Dog Body Armor 

Guard Dog body armor products are high-quality and life-saving items. All of their bulletproof items are rigorously tested to assure quality and consistency, and they only use the highest-grade materials in their construction. The team at Guard Dog is always developing the newest and most advanced plate carrier and body armor technology. They collaborate with serving military personnel, law enforcement officials, and private security industry professionals to enhance their existing offerings and create brand-new ones tailored to the most specific requirements. Their products are a dependable pick when shopping for body armor. 

The Guard Dog Tactical Doberman Plate Carrier is one of the smallest and lightest plate carriers available. This fantastic lightweight product is made from water-resistant Oxford fabric and features detachable magazine pouches. Their front and back pouches are designed to snugly hold their ballistic plates so that they don't move about. The padded shoulder blades in the back are highly functional for spreading body weight. This vest can be easily customized to fit any size thanks to its elasticized waist and detachable shoulder straps. The Doberman Plate Carrier’s lightweight makes it small enough to be concealed while on the go.

Another one of the company's lightest and most compact plate carriers is the black Guard Dog Tactical Terrier Plate Carrier. This handy product is also constructed out of Oxford fabric, which is resistant to water, and it comes with detachable bags for your magazines. The carrier can be adjusted to meet the user's size with the use of the grab drag handle, the shoulder straps, and the elastic weight band. When set properly, the vest's shoulder pads are soft and equally disperse your weight.

To create a "bulletproof" vest or body armor, tactical teams use a plate carrier or ballistic plate carrier in conjunction with ballistic plates. Although plate carriers have traditionally been employed by the military and law enforcement to transport heavy equipment, they are increasingly being included in workout routines. If you want to get the most out of your workout without wearing a bulky weight vest, try adding a plate of various weights to your plate carrier. Guard Dog body armor is a great choice to use for training. 

When it comes to getting the most out of your workout, plate carriers can be a terrific alternative to weight vests, provided you know how to use them properly. If a plate carrier doesn't provide a snug fit, distribute the weight evenly before training, or else you could injure yourself or your equipment. When the plate carrier plates have been placed to your satisfaction, then begin training. Bodyweight exercises are an excellent choice when training with plate carriers on, for example, pushups, pullups, and planks will all be productive routines to include in your plate carrier workout routine. Although heavier plates provide more resistance during workouts, it is still best to ease into weight training by using lesser weights at first before progressing to heavier ones. Visit our online store for all of the top-rated Guard Dog body armor.

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