Is Dragon Breath Ammo Legal?

1. Is 12 gauge incendiary ammo legal in the United States?

Incendiary ammo contains a chemical that ignites certain materials that it is fired at. This ammo is legal in the United States depending on what state you live in. In the following states, it is illegal to fire this ammo: Alaska, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Maryland, New York, and Washington D.C. 

2. Why is incendiary ammo illegal in certain states?

The reason that incendiary ammo is illegal in certain U.S. states is that they are a dangerous fire hazard. Certain states' climates face more of a danger to fire risk and those states have decided that incendiary ammo cannot be fired there. 

3. Where can you use incendiary ammo?

You can purchase incendiary ammo in any state that is not listed above as “illegal”. In these states, there still may be certain restrictions on where you can shoot the ammo. Be sure to do research on where you're allowed to use the ammo in your local area. 

4. Is incendiary ammo dangerous to use?

Incendiary ammo is more dangerous to use than standard ammo because it is flammable. As long as you use the rounds in a controlled environment and take safety precautions, it is not too dangerous to use. 

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